The Franklin County Planning and Zoning Board is in the process of reviewing and updating the county’s unified land-use regulations, which will include adding landfills to specific zoning districts.

Tuesday night, the planning board looked at Article 7, which includes zoning districts and land uses, but tabled any action on the proposed changes.

One of the more significant changes is moving utility waste landfills from Article 10, which is supplementary uses, to designated zoning districts, including nonurban, community development and community business zoning districts.

The issue of allowing landfills in the county has been the subject of an ongoing controversy in the wake of a proposed request by Ameren Missouri to build a utility waste landfill at its Labadie plant.

The commission voted 2-1 back in October 2011 to include both nonutility and utility waste landfills in its zoning code. However, landfills were only mentioned as a supplementary use and not in specific zoning districts.

Previously, landfills were included in the Franklin County zoning codes, but were inadvertently omitted in a 2000 update.

The board will go through the proposed updates section by section before presenting the entire book to the county commission.

Planning Director Scottie Eagan said she expects the process to be complete and presented to the commission for a vote by the end of the year.

Some regulations are amended every year, but Eagan said the last time the regulations have been updated as a whole was around 2000.

“There are things in the book that aren’t working,” Eagan said. “With the amendments there are numerous footnotes at the bottom of most pages.”