Presiding Commissioner John Griesheimer

Despite recent statements that a report on deficiencies in the Brush Creek Sewer District would soon be done, there is still no finished product.

Public Water District No. 3, which manages the sewer district under a contract, is compiling the report, officials say.

Presiding County Commissioner John Griesheimer, who also serves as the sewer district’s president, said Tuesday that the report “needs to be done by now.” He said he would contact Bob Hathcock, the water district’s operator, to find out where the report stands.

Griesheimer said he believes the water district just wants to make sure its report is accurate and will adequately address problems with the sewer system.

Other than providing a breakdown of the problems with the sewer system, the report should also include a cost estimate to fix the issues, Griesheimer said.

The city of Pacific is suing the sewer district over problems with the system. The lawsuit alleges that the sewer district breached the contract that it has with the city over the treatment of wastewater.

The sewer district has exceeded the amount of wastewater that is allowed to be sent to Pacific’s wastewater treatment plant, the suit alleges.

Officials believe the sewer district’s pipes and manholes allow water to enter the system thereby increasing the amount of discharge that is sent to Pacific’s wastewater treatment plant.

Griesheimer said the report also needs to be finished so it can be used as the sewer district continues to defend itself against the litigation.

Sewer district officials requested a review of the system in March after Pacific applied legal pressure to get the problems fixed.

It was initially reported that the report would be done in April. Then Hathcock said last month that the report would be done in August.

Cost of Report?

Griesheimer said Tuesday that he assumed the sewer district would pay the water district for preparing the report.

“It’s their time being spent on it,” he said.

He said he has not seen a bill but that does not mean the sewer district is not going to pay for the report. However, Griesheimer said the water district may be doing the report for free.

Hathcock could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

The sewer district already pays the water district each month for operating the sewer system. The amount the sewer district pays the water district varies from month to month based on what work needs to be done. For the past several months, the cost has ranged from $7,245 to $9,015 per month.

No matter what, having the sewer district do the study is less expensive than it would have been if the county had hired an engineering firm, Griesheimer said.

He said he is anxious to see what the report says, noting that he expects the sewer district will have to borrow money to fix problems with the system.