Sign of the Times

Recent heavy rains caused the Meramec River to flow over its banks and flood several areas around the county, including Old Cove Road near Moselle, where up to three or four feet of water forced the road to be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday. The road reopened during the day on Thursday as the water receded.

All county roads that were closed because of flooding last week have now been reopened, emergency management officials said this week.

County Engineer Joe Feldmann says the highway department puts barriers in front of roads when they are closed due to flooding.

A female motorist on Sunday crashed through the gate barricading Robertsville Road, Franklin County Highway Administrator Eva Gadcke said. The hinges were torn loose, and highway department workers had to remount the gate, Gadcke added.

No roads have been washed out from the recent flooding, but the high waters have resulted in mud and debris getting on roads, according to the highway department.

Feldmann said the forecasts indicate that flooding will get better before it gets worse.

The road closures are pretty typical of spring flooding, County Emergency Management Director Abe Cook said, adding that other communities in Missouri such as De Soto and Clarksville, have had it much worse. Illinois also has seen some flooding, he noted.

“There’s some pretty good flooding going on along the Mississippi,” he said. “We’re looking a lot better than some other communities.”

With flooding taking place, Cook cautions motorists not to drive across roadways covered with water. It is a bad idea to traverse such roadways because what is under the water cannot be seen, he said.

On Monday, Cook was unaware of any injuries related to flooding. He also said that his office had not received any reports of water getting into homes.

However, with the ground saturated, Cook noted that flash flooding is possible with new severe weather and that people should keep an eye out for more rain.

Last week, officials reported closures on the following roads because of flooding: Dry Branch, Chapel Hill, Roller Road at Highway AB, Horstman, Beemont, Detmold, Hoeman, St. John’s Creek, Robertsville Road, Bend and Boeuf Lutheran.

In addition, the Missouri Department of Transportation reported a closure on State Highway 185 North at Bucklick Creek.

As of Tuesday afternoon, all of those roads had been reopened except for State Highway 185 North at Bucklick Creek.

But with Tuesday’s rain more road closures were possible, according to emergency management.