The Franklin County Planning and Zoning board will meet Tuesday, Dec. 17, at 7 p.m. in the county administration building in Union.

The meeting was unexpectedly canceled last month, so this month’s agenda will include some previous items of business.

Items on the agenda include requests for revocation of conditional use permits for Denny Farms, Inc. and Don King.

Denny Farms has been on the agenda several times this past year, citing several violations after a “mudfest” held May 4 at the farm on Rabbit Lane near Robertsville.

Residents complained that a large amount of mud was smattered on Rabbit Lane and nearby roads, and that heavy traffic caused a bottleneck on roadways near the farm.

The matter was scheduled to be heard at the September meeting, but was tabled due to a pending lawsuit against the planning office by the owners of Denny Farms, Michael and Debra Buchanan.

Don King’s CUP also has been pending revocation this year.

King was granted his permit in 2011 to store commercial equipment and materials on a 2-acre parcel at 150 Whispering Pines Drive just north of Interstate 44 between St. Clair and Stanton in Central Township.

The CUP came with several conditions, some of which King has failed to comply with, including erecting a sight-proof fence around his property.

Other Items

The board is expected to vote on an application for a CUP submitted by Chene Creek Development to host special events at property located on Highway 100 in Boles Township.