New Haven native Zach Zuroweste needed to test out an F-18 Tuesday morning and decided to head to his home.


Zuroweste, a Lieutenant. in the Navy, was asked to do a test flight on a repaired F-18 based out of Scott Air Force Base. 

“One of the jets at Scott Air Force Base broke down and I have to do a confidence flight on it,” Zuroweste said. “So I thought I’d fly over my hometown and do some touch-and-gos in Washington.”

Just after 10 a.m. Tuesday Zuroweste took to the air and flew over New Haven, Washington and other parts of Franklin County. He said he was planning on doing several touch-and-go landings, a type of landing where the plane takes off without coming to a full stop at the Washington Regional Airport.

Zuroweste also planned to do a series of fly bys at the airport.