The public can suggest projects that they would like to see funded with a proposed new 1-cent transportation sales tax.

Project suggestions can be made through a Missouri Department of Transportation website,

The website has been set up as the Legislature looks to pass a bill that would put the 1-cent transportation tax before voters.

The tax, which would be in effect for 10 years, would generate close to $8 billion over its lifespan.

Officials say the tax is needed to maintain and expand the state’s highways and bridges.

The tax could be before voters in the November 2014 election.

In the Tuesday county commission meeting, Commissioner Tim Brinker said he urges people to go to the website to make their voices heard in terms of which projects they would like to see done.

He said this is a good way to get input from the taxpayers. For instance, he said some people may want to express interest in making Highway 47 four lanes.

He noted that some of the projects could be very long term, such as 20 years.

“If you recognize something we need, we’re all in this together,” Brinker said.