County Collector of Revenue Linda Emmons wants to make a temporary employee of her office a full-time worker.

The move will help with the heavy workload in the collector’s office, Emmons said.

She noted that the cost of bumping the worker up to full-time status would be covered by her tax maintenance fund.

The plan is for the tax maintenance fund to reimburse the general fund for the cost of the employee, she said, adding that the employee’s cost could come to about $34,000 a year.

Her office currently has five full-time employees, and this move would bring the total to six.

More help is needed especially when it comes to having enough employees when other workers are at lunch or on vacation, Emmons said.

The tax maintenance that would cover the cost the cost of the employee gets funding through a 2 percent fee paid when people pay their property taxes late, she said.

On Friday the fund had $219,922. Each year, it may generate $130,000 to $140,000 depending on the amount of delinquent taxpayers, she said.

Emmons can also use the money in the fund for other expenses such as buying equipment, she said.

The employee that may be moved to full time has already been helping in the collector’s office during busy periods such as when tax collection is taking place.