Law enforcement and emergency crews spent several hours Tuesday night searching a large area south of St. Clair for a possible person in distress.

They did not locate anyone.

The search started about dark after some deer hunters reported hearing someone yelling within the Little Indian Creek Conservation area which is located in both southern Franklin County and northern Washington County.

Franklin County Sheriff Gary Toelke said two hunters in a deer stand reported hearing what they thought was someone yelling for help. About a half-hour later, they heard someone yelling again, the sheriff said.

As they were leaving their stand about dark, they encountered another hunter who asked if they had heard someone yelling, Toelke said. When they contacted the sheriff’s office, it was about two hours after they first heard the yells, the sheriff said.

Several deputies along with St. Clair Fire District personnel and officers with the Missouri Conservation Department searched the area on the ground.

Searchers found some deer hunters who were camping at two separate locations, but they said they hadn’t heard anything.

A St. Louis County police helicopter was called in and officers used infrared sensing equipment to search from the air, Toelke said. The equipment sighted several animals, but no humans on the ground, he noted.

Authorities checked but found no reports of missing persons in Franklin and Washington counties, the sheriff said.