Property tax collections for 2012 are still in the process of being tabulated.

Franklin County Collector of Revenue Linda Emmons said it will be next week before all of the taxes that were paid by the Dec. 31 midnight deadline are counted.

Payments postmarked Dec. 31 are accepted without penalty.

As of Wednesday, $59.6 million of real estate taxes had been collected; personal property, $11.3 million; and railroad/utility taxes, $11.7 million.

A total of $104.8 million in taxes was billed out, and about $82.6 million had been accounted for as of Wednesday.

About $17.1 million remained to be collected on real estate taxes and $5.1 million on personal property.

Almost all of the railroad/utility taxes had been collected. Ameren is the largest payer on the railroad/utility taxes, accounting for more than $9 million.

Payments made after the Dec. 31 deadline are subject to penalties of 2 percent interest each month, capping at 18 percent in September. An additional 7 percent late charge for keeping the delinquent account on the books is also charged.