A routine search of a database that tracks purchases of pills containing pseudoephedrine led to the arrest of two suspects in Franklin County this week.

Pseudoephedrine is the vital ingredient needed to make methamphetamine.

Detective Cpl. Scott Briggs with the Franklin County Narcotics Enforcement Unit said he was scanning the database when he came across the names of a man and woman who purchased pills Tuesday at a pharmacy in St. Louis County.

Briggs said the two are well-known to county narcotics investigators.

“On Wednesday we tracked them down,” Briggs said.

Investigators first went to a home at St. Clair where they found evidence of a meth lab in a detached garage, Briggs said.

Information obtained there led them to a home on Condor Drive in the Lake Thunderbird development, the detective explained.

“When we arrived, there was a male suspect standing in the front yard. When he saw us he took off running,” Briggs said.

The man, later identified as Homer E. Conner, 47, St. Clair, was apprehended after a brief foot chase. Briggs said officers recovered a small black bag containing suspected methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia about five feet from where the man was standing.

Inside the house they discovered the female suspect, Jennifer Phipps, 32, St. Clair, who was hiding in a bathroom, Briggs said. A syringe was found in the toilet bowl tank, he said.

Phipps is currently on probation in a Dent County felony case.

She also was charged May 9 in a Franklin County warrant with felony stealing. Her bond in that case was set at $10,000.

A four-count felony warrant issued Thursday charges Conner with possession of a controlled substance, possession of pseudoephedrine, unlawful use of drug pharaphernalia and resisting arrest for a felony.

Conner’s bond was set at $35,000 cash-only.