The Franklin County Commission took under advisement Monday three bids submitted for highway department fuel for this year.

The three bids were from Boland Oil of Beaufort, $666,560; MFA Oil of Union, $662,320; and Energy Petroleum of St. Louis, $649,920.

Franklin County Highway Administrator Eva Gadcke said her department spent an average of $53,000 a month last year on fuel.

At that rate, the $500,000 that the highway department has budgeted for fuel this year will not be enough.

In the event of a shortfall, money will have to be moved from other areas of her budget, Gadcke said.

Gadcke said her department monitors fuel on a daily basis to keep up with changing prices.

If the three firms that made bids this year meet the highway department’s specifications, Gadcke said she will recommend that they all be approved so she can compare them on a daily basis to see which one has the best price.

The difference in price may be only a penny, but she said that can add up to a lot of money with a large fleet.

She said the bid amounts that were taken under advisement Monday were based on current prices.

She expects the county commission to vote on the bids in the next two weeks, and if approved, the vendors would remain in effect until next March.

Gadcke explained that state law requires the county to review bids on the first Monday of March each year.