The Washington Special Road District will soon start work on the south end of Pottery Road to make a turn less sharp and improve visibility.

Washington Special Road District Commissioner Bernie Westhoelter said he did not know the cost of the project Thursday but would have a better idea after the road commissioners meet on Monday.

The curve that will be made less sharp is currently almost a 90-degree angle, Westhoelter said.

The curve has created a problem with large trucks and trailers going off the road and onto private property, he said.

The work will also involve lowering a hill to improve visibility.

The project, he said, would be paid for out of the road district’s budget and hopefully a grant from Franklin County, Westhoelter said.

Each year, Franklin County makes available 5 percent of the county’s capital improvement half-cent sales tax for grants to local communities. Westhoelter said the grant applications are due July 1.

He does not expect there to be a problem with the road district getting the grant. Therefore, the road district is going to go ahead and proceed with the project before it gets the final word on the grant.

Westhoelter hopes the project can be done before school starts back to accommodate traffic from buses and teachers.

Utility lines have already been relocated for the project.

The contractor on the project is Richard Kleinheider Construction Co. of Washington. Westhoelter said that company was the lowest of three bids.