The jury trial for Jeffrey Weinhaus is now slated to begin Oct. 8 — the second trial date scheduled within a week.

Circuit Judge Keith Sutherland on Thursday scheduled the trial for the man accused of several charges after a confrontation with Missouri Highway Patrol investigators last September south of St. Clair.

The trial had been scheduled to begin Tuesday, but was postponed on Friday, April 26, after Hugh A. Eastwood, St. Louis, entered his appearance as Weinhaus’ attorney.

Weinhaus, 46, is charged in a grand jury indictment with interfering with a judicial official, felony possession of a controlled substance as well as resisting arrest and assault of law enforcement officers who were attempting to serve an arrest warrant on the man Sept. 11, 2012.

Weinhaus was wounded in the confrontation when he allegedly reached for a handgun.

He has been held in the county jail since last November on alternate bonds of $50,000 cash-only, or $250,000 surety.

Authorities last year were investigating alleged threats made by Weinhaus against judicial and law enforcement officials in Crawford County. That investigation culminated in the Sept. 11, 2012, confrontation with two highway patrol investigators who shot Weinhaus several times. The officers allege that they fired when Weinhaus went for a gun.

During pretrial hearings, Weinhaus said he is not capable of representing himself in trial.

“I’ve (gone) as far as I can go on my own,” he said. “Would you like to give me this continuance or continue this charade?”

After Sutherland denied several motions from Weinhaus, the defendant said he would not participate in his own trial.

“I’m not coming without competent assistance of counsel,” Weinhaus had said.

Weinhaus has been representing himself since his first attorney withdrew from the case.

The Missouri Supreme Court appointed Sutherland, a retired judge from Warren County, to preside over the case.

In September, Weinhaus was involved in the confrontation with Highway Patrol officers at the MFA Station on Highway K south of St. Clair.

The two patrol investigators set up the meeting at the station on the pretext of returning Weinhaus’ computers that had been seized earlier in the investigation into the tampering allegation. They allege that they fired after Weinhaus refused to get on the ground and started reaching for a handgun that was in a holster.

A Franklin County grand jury later issued indictments charging Weinhaus who was arrested last November at his first court appearance after recovering from his wounds.

At a bond hearing in January, Weinhaus, during questioning, admitted that when troopers had ordered him to lie down on the ground, he told them they would have to shoot him.

That admission is corroborated in a tape recording said to be made by Weinhaus’ ex-wife during the confrontation. Authorities said Weinhaus was talking on his cellphone at the time.

The Highway Patrol obtained the recording which since has been released on the Internet.