Public Water District No. 3 regained electricity around noon today after losing power during last night’s severe storm.

The power outage affected the three wells that serve approximately 1,500 customers in the Villa Ridge area, said Bob Hathcock, the water district’s operations manager. The wells pump water to the water tower.

No one went without water during the outage, Hathcock said, noting that officials were hooking up a generator when Ameren restored electricity.

Hathcock said the storm blew down one of the water district’s radio antennas in the St. Albans area. The 75-foot tower, which hit the ground, was used to control wells in that area, Hathcock said, noting that it will have to be replaced.

It could cost around $5,000, but he said the district has insurance.

In the meantime, two other wells in that area can be used so normal water service can continue, he said.