A new nonprofit animal shelter could be opening in Franklin County.

Planning board members voted unanimously Tuesday, Feb. 19, to grant a conditional use permit to property owner Jim Latzel to build a philanthropic kennel and stable on 84 acres located on Highway AC just north of Elmont Road in Boone Township.

Latzel’s property is located in an agricultural, nonurban (ANU) zoning district, which would allow the stable and housing for other livestock, but requires a CUP for the kennel and philanthropic uses, including associated educational activities, with a CUP.

Latzel submitted plans for a 138- by 58-foot building that would contain 20 kennels, each complete with its own run. He said he would like to eventually add another like-sized kennel adjacent to the first to be able to house a total of 40 dogs.

“I made a site visit and they have several buildings there already,” planning board Chairman Bill Evans said. “It’s very well run, well planned and the buildings are outstanding. I think it will provide an excellent service to the area.”