Bridge Rendering

Submitted Rendering.

About 60 area residents attended a public comment session on the preliminary design of the new Route 47 bridge over the Missouri River Tuesday in Dutzow.

Judy Wagner, MoDOT area engineer, said there were a lot of comments, questions answered and a lot of feedback on the design.

“I think there are a lot of people who want to see the bridge replaced with wider lanes and for it to include shoulders,” Wagner said.

The meeting, which was the first in Warren County, was a good opportunity to educate residents, as well as to let them know the structure is funded and will be built, Wagner said.

“I’m glad people were able to come out and view the structure. Everyone seemed excited about having a new bridge,” she said.

Mixed Reviews on Overhead Elements

The meeting was the first to display a rendering of the bridge with three overhead elements, rather than the one originally proposed.

Adding two more structures was one of the suggestions made by the transportation committee, as well as some members of the general public.

Each overhead element is estimated to cost $225,000.

The updated rendering will be used in all future presentations; however, the budget will dictate whether the additional enhancements can be added.

An image without the overhead element also was shown so people can see what the bridge would look like with no overhead element.

Wagner said there were mixed reviews on the element, with some people liking one, some who preferred three and some who didn’t like any.

“We heard all comments on all (options). I don’t think everyone is going to agree,” Wagner said.

Ultimately, the bridge enhancement committee will have to make a commitment on the design by mid-August.

The committee has $800,000 in funds and the city may apply for grants through East-West Gateway Council of Governments. There is a one-year window to obtain additional funds for the enhancements.

If the committee does not raise the funds for all enhancements, some will have to be removed from the plan, Wagner said.

Other Enhancements

Other enhancements include decorative railing, trail lighting, girder and pier lighting. The committee had discussed only lighting the west side of the bridge, but ultimately decided to light both sides.

The enhancement total without the additional overhead elements was set at $1.953 million. If the committee chooses to add two more overhead elements, the enhancement price will be approximately $2.40 million.

Construction on the bridge is anticipated to begin in late 2016. The estimated cost for this project is $55 million.

MoDOT representatives will be at the Washington Town and Country Fair with the bridge presentation to educate people on the design and get feedback.

Date and time details will be announced once they are finalized.