The cost of the downtown Labadie redevelopment project just went up.

As the Labadie Great Streets project moves forward, officials have discovered the need for $93,000 in additional drainage work that was not part of the original design.

To deal with the unexpected costs, county officials are looking at changing other parts of the project.

The changes should save $92,400 to cover the $93,000 in extra drainage costs.

Eva Gadcke, Franklin County’s highway administrator, met with county Commissioners John Griesheimer and Terry Wilson Thursday to discuss the changes.

The commissioners agreed that the project must be scaled back in some areas to cover the drainage costs.

The changes should be subtle enough that the overall project will look the same, Gadcke said

“If you look at this project when it’s done, these are not things that are going to stand out as missing in any way,” Gadcke said.

For instance, she said the original design included benches that cost $37,000. Those could possibly be scaled down to a less-expensive model.

Steel railroad tracks to make a flower bed could also be left out of the project to save money, she said. But she said the flowers and greenery would be kept in the project. The railroad tracks, she said, would eventually be covered up by the plants anyway.

The Missouri Department of Transportation must approve the proposed changes before the county can go forward with the new plan.

The next step is for county officials to meet with the East-West Gateway Council of Governments about the proposed changes.

The $1 million project also includes new lighting, a sidewalk, trail and street resurfacing along a 600-foot stretch of Front Street from Highway T to Pacific Street.

The project is being paid for with 80 percent federal funds and the remaining 20 percent by Franklin County. Completion is set for spring.