Bids for Custodial Services Under Review

Janitorial services for the Franklin County Government Center and the Judicial Center could come to a total cost of more than $40,000 per year.

County commissioners opened bids for janitorial services on the two buildings Tuesday.

The bids were taken under advisement.

Four firms submitted bids to clean the county government center: Custom Cleaning Building and Maintenance of Washington, $20,625; FKI Cleaning Services, Washington, $29,000; Jani-King, St. Louis, $25,720; and ABM Janitorial Services, St. Louis, $15,668.

The firms submitted separate bids to clean the judicial center: Custom Cleaning and Building Maintenance, $37,500; FKI, $50,505; Jani-King, $51,922; and ABM, $25,184.

If the two lowest bids were approved, it would cost the county $40,852.

The county has its own staff that cleans other buildings, such as the health department and historic courthouse, Facilities Director Joe Hurt said.

First District Commissioner Tim Brinker said that in the future the county may want to look at using one of the firms to clean the new health department building that is currently being remodeled. He noted that cleaning the new health department office may require more work since it is larger.