Second District Commissioner Mike Schatz

Second District County Commissioner Mike Schatz said he is fairly pleased with the bids that came in for the health department renovation project this week.

The county commission received bids from nine companies. The bids were broken down into various aspects of the project, such as heating and air conditioning, electrical and general works.

Schatz said he hopes the county commission can vote on awarding a bid for the project at its July 30 meeting

The project involves renovating the former county prosecutor’s office in downtown Union into the new health department.

The project budget is about $500,000, and Schatz said he thinks the project will take about four months.

“It’s been a long time coming,” Schatz said.

The project is needed to provide the health department with more space, county officials say. The former prosecutor’s office on East Main Street will be about 2,200 more square feet.

Another advantage to the project is that it will get the county out of rented space and into a building it owns, Presiding County Commissioner John Griesheimer has said.

Schatz said he thinks the renovation can be done this year.

After opening bids on Tuesday, the next step is to crunch the numbers to see how the bids fall within the project budget, Schatz said.

Some aspects to the project may have to be carried into next year’s budget, Schatz noted.