Officials Urge People to Get Flu Shots

Reported cases of flu are much lower so far this season compared to last year, but there may be an uptick soon.

As of Monday, there were 48 reported cases of flu in Franklin County compared to 358 at the same time last season.

However, just because there are fewer cases right now does not mean it will be a slower flu season overall, said Tony Buel, epidemiology specialist with the Franklin County Health Department.

He said the severity, timing and length of the season varies from year to year.

Therefore, the county could still get more cases this season compared to last when 708 cases were reported, Buel added.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that flu activity is increasing nationally and is high in some states.

Anyone 6 months and older who has not gotten a flu shot should get one now, the CDC urges.

Flu shots are available at the county health department in its new location at 414 E. Main St., Union. The cost is $25 and might be covered by insurance.

The first case this season was reported in late October, but the majority have come in the last couple of weeks.