Franklin County Government

Franklin County has about $13,000 sitting in a domestic violence fund when it could be put to good use, according to County Auditor Tammy Vemmer.

The money is intended to be allocated to shelters that help the victims of domestic violence.

But Vemmer said the last time money from the fund was disbursed was in 2011.

It appears money from the fund won’t be disbursed in 2014 because a state-mandated deadline has not been met.

Vemmer said state law requires that shelters apply to the county commission for funding by Oct. 1. That has not happened this year, she added.

“I think it’s technically too late,” she said

That means there will be three years in a row — 2012, 2013 and 2014 — that money from the fund will not be put to use, Vemmer said, adding, “I’m sure it would benefit someone.”

The good news is that the county will not lose the money just because it is sitting in the fund unused, Vemmer noted.

She said she recently noticed that the fund has been accumulating money.

“It’s a shame to have that sitting there,” Vemmer said.

Vemmer brought up the domestic violence funding during a budget work session with county commissioners Wednesday.

Second District Commissioner Mike Schatz asked Vemmer to forward him the state statute pertaining to the allocation of the funds.

The money for the domestic violence funds comes from a $5 fee attached to the cost of marriage licenses, Vemmer said.