Franklin County Assessor Tom Copeland said his office received notification Thursday that the reimbursement the county assessor’s office gets from the state will cease as of July 1.

This fiscal year, his office was set to get about $215,000 in state funding.

“We’re losing that as of Monday or Tuesday of this next week,” Copeland said.

His office gets a $3 state reimbursement for each parcel it reviews.

“If the county can’t find ways to support us with that shortfall then we would have to take measures in relation to cutting our expenditures,” Copeland said.

The county commission Friday afternoon approved going forward with lending the assessor’s office the money in hopes that the issues with the state funding can be resolved.

The state money is used for operational expenses in the assessor’s office, such as salaries and fuel. Copeland’s office does not get general funding from the county, he said.

The assessor’s office also gets about $655,000 from the county taxing entities.

The issues with the funding appear to be related to the state budget and may not be resolved until after the Legislature’s veto session in September.

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