Not many jobs require encountering a den of snakes.

But that is what happened to some Franklin County Highway Department workers recently.

Workers discovered a multitude of snakes and snake eggs in a small sinkhole on Glaser Road near Sullivan.

“They estimated about 200 snakes,” Franklin County Highway Administrator Eva Gadcke said. “They were in the roadbed.”

Gadcke said she and Second District Commissioner Mike Schatz were standing next to the hole where the snakes were shortly before they were discovered.

“I’m so glad they didn’t come out when we were out there,” Gadcke said, adding “I don’t run that fast.”

Workers tried to get the snakes out of the area, she said. She is not sure what type of snakes they were.

The sinkhole was only a few feet deep and 2 feet wide and in the center of the road.

The cavity of the sinkhole extended about the width of the road.

The sinkhole cavity may have been a result of the drought last year coupled with this year’s heavy rains, Gadcke said. Water washed out the sandy soil, and the road collapsed, she said.

An area around the sinkhole had to be excavated to install a culvert and refill the hole with dirt.

“There were snake nests in there full of eggs,” Gadcke said. “It’s weird.”

This marks the second time this year that county highway workers have run across a nest of serpents.

The other time occurred when the bridge deck surface was removed from the Lutheran Church Road bridge near Leslie.

“When they peeled that surface back there were little holes, and there were snakes in the holes,” Gadcke said.