Presiding County Commissioner John Griesheimer

After the first contractor pulled off the job to clean vents at sheriff’s department facilities, bids from two other companies are now under advisement.

The county commission received two new bids for the work, one from Ductz of Troy, which bid $57,275, and Indoor Air Technologies of Victor, N.Y., which bid $32,700.

Tri-County Vent Cleaning in Sullivan was awarded the job last year but had to stop work before it was finished because the owner underestimated the scope of the work.

Mike Hill, the owner of the company, bid $5,000 for the work, which is much less than the two new bids that the county received.

After Hill left the job, he submitted a bill to the county for about $4,200. The county is not going to pay Hill, Presiding County Commissioner John Griesheimer said.

Since he is not getting paid, Hill said he will have to pay for it out of his own pocket and chalk it up as an expensive and valuable lesson.

“It is what it is,” Hill said. “The error was in my court.”

Hill said he understands why the county is not paying him.

Several hundred square feet of ductwork were cleaned before he had to stop work, Hill said.

But the new company that is brought in will still have to start from the beginning, County Counselor Mark Vincent has said.

The ductwork is in desperate need of cleaning, Hill said, adding that he recalls seeing one employee wearing a mask.

“It’s pretty bad,” Hill said.

Dirt, debris and unseen stuff such as germs and allergens can get in the vents, he said.