Franklin County deputies shot and killed a “large, aggressive” dog Monday when the animal charged an officer who was attempting to serve a search warrant.

Sheriff Gary Toelke said officers went to a home in the 9000 block of Rye Creek Road after receiving information that a truck on the property had been reported stolen from Jefferson County.

Toelke said deputies previously had recovered stolen items from the property and arrested suspects there numerous times for various crimes, including resisting arrest.

When deputies went to the property Monday afternoon, no one answered the door. They seized the truck but did not find items that were reported to be in the vehicle, Toelke said.

When they returned with a search warrant for the house, again no one answered the door.

As a deputy was attempting to enter the house through a window the dog charged at him. The deputy sprayed the dog with pepper mace and was able to retreat, according to the report.

At that point, a woman inside the residence came forward and was told that the officers had a search warrant and directed her to secure the dog.

The woman replied that she would secure the animal but then the front door opened and the dog charged at one of the deputies. Officers then shot and killed the animal.

Inside the house, deputies found the items that had been inside the truck earlier, the sheriff said.

The property is located in southeast Franklin County.

Franklin and Jefferson County authorities continue to investigate the case.