In the Storm’s Path

Smilin’ Sam’s furniture store on Orchard Road near Campbellton received extensive damage from a severe storm that raged through Franklin County early Monday morning. Strong winds uprooted trees and completely destroyed a mobile home that was used as a mattress warehouse. The business is able to remain open, however.    Missourian Photo.

A severe storm moving through the Campbellton-Lyon area early Monday morning caused heavy damage to Smilin’ Sam’s furniture store on Orchard Road, off Highway 185.

Huge trees were uprooted and several buildings were damaged as a result of what National Weather Service meteorologist Julie Phillips said could have been straight-line winds that were ahead of a bow echo that stretched across Franklin and southwest St. Charles counties into west St. Louis County.

The mattress warehouse at Smilin’ Sam’s, a single-wide mobile home, was destroyed.

“It just wiped it out,” said Bruce Adams, owner. “There’s stuff scattered all over the hill. We lost 40 mattress sets. The building is completely gone.”

One of the large uprooted trees landed on the main showroom, but luckily, Adams said, it didn’t go through the roof or collapse the building. Another uprooted tree fell atop a large propane tank.

Several other smaller trees on the property were uprooted or damaged by the storm as well.

High winds also peeled back part of the tin roof on what Adams calls his “truck warehouse,” but nothing appeared damaged inside.

Nearby properties appeared to escape unscathed, except for a collapsed above-ground pool adjacent to Adams property.

Adams said the store has been in business 34 years and he has never seen anything close to the damage from Monday’s storm.

Smilin’ Sam’s, however, is still open for business, he said.

Neighbors have stepped up to offer Adams help clearing away trees and debris.

“We have a lot of work cut out for us,” he said.

Storm damage also was reported in the Villa Ridge area.