For the second time in three months, Don Peterson will be making an appearance at the Franklin County Planning and Zoning meeting.

Peterson is applying for a conditional use permit at Tuesday’s meeting. The meeting is set for 7 p.m. at the government center in Union.

Three months ago at the March meeting Peterson requested the rezoning of a recently purchased parcel of land located on Spring Bluff Road and Highway AF near Sullivan. The owner of Peterson Oil Company, Peterson requested a change from residential to agricultural non-urban.

Peterson told the commission his business was expanding and needed more room for parking. He then bought 38 acres located next to his current operations.

The new land gave him several parcels surrounding his business that would allow him to expand in the future.

Peterson said he only has plans to develop a small portion of the 38 acres for the business. He decided to rezone the entire property so to make further expansion easier.

The planning and zoning commission unanimously backed the plan and passed along a recommendation to the Franklin County Commission.

At the May 20 meeting, the commission unanimously approved the re-zoning, only under a different name — Non-Urban and Agricultural. The county has been revising and updating zoning codes and while Peterson’s request was made the zoning area name changed.

With the rezoning approved, the next step to getting the land ready for business is the conditional use permit.

The CUP would allow Peterson to operate a road asphalt/road manufacturing facility. The CUP is being applied to three parcels of land totaling nearly 50 acres.

Peterson Oil Company currently sits on land that was rezoned and granted a CUP in 2010.

Other Items

The commission will continue to discuss changes to the zoning code. At this month’s meeting, articles 11 and 13 will be reviewed.

Article 11 relates to floodplains, drainage, erosion and stormwater. One of the first changes proposed is changing the article to “Floodplain Management.”

Article 13 deals with screening and trees, which in the future could be called buffers.

The commission will address the two articles Tuesday night. If there are no major concerns, the commission could pass along a vote of support before the county commission votes on the proposed changes.