Salaries for Four Directors Exceeds $250,000

The fact that there are four communication centers in the county also means that there are four separate directors overseeing them.

There are four communication centers in the county, and each one has a director.

Consolidating the four centers into one could possibly save money, officials say.

The combined salaries of the four directors as well as a contract employee the county uses for technical support exceeds $250,000 a year.

Even though consolidating the centers may save money, there does not appear to be much progress to make it happen.

The four centers are at the sheriff’s office in Union as well as in the cities of Washington, Sullivan and Pacific.

The combined budgets for the four centers is well over $2 million.

Below is a breakdown of the centers’ budgets and their directors’ names and salaries.

Multiple Directors

• Lt. Eileen Stapp leads the sheriff’s office communication center, and she makes $53,750.

(The county also contracts with Vince Zagarri for technical support with the county’s 911 system. He makes an amount not to exceed $82,080 a year.)

• The city of Sullivan’s communication center director is Kevin Halbert, and he makes $38,646 per year.

• The city of Washington’s communication center director is Lisa Hotsenpiller, and her salary range is $45,489 to $59,363. (Her specific salary was not available because that is not the city’s policy to provide that figure.)

• The city of Pacific’s communication center director is Dian Becker, and her salary is $34,636.


Total budgets for three of the four communication centers are below:

• Franklin County has two parts to its 911 budget — addressing and dispatching. The 911 addressing budget deals with mapping to make sure 911 calls can be easily located, First District County Commissioner Tim Brinker said. The total amount of the two budgets is about $1.3 million.

• The city of Washington’s communication center budget is $866,010.

•City of Sullivan, $284,000.

• City of Pacific Administrator Harold Selby said his city’s dispatch center budget is combined with the whole police department. Last week, he said he could look at the budget and provide The Missourian with some figures, but he could not be reached for comment Monday.