Sheriff Gary Toelke

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office will resume issuing conceal/carry gun permits next month.

The department temporarily suspended processing the permit applications Aug. 16, including first-time applications and permit renewals, while waiting for new equipment and software to conform to changes in the state law.

Sheriff Gary Toelke said this week that his department has received the new software and will resume issuing perits Thursday, Sept. 5.

People interested in applying for a new or renewal permit, or anyone with questions, should call the office and make an appointment with Mandy Warnecke during regular business hours Monday through Friday, the sheriff said. The number to call is 636-583-2560, extension 259.

“We appreciate your patience during the change in the law,” Toelke said.

The current law takes the processing of permits out of the hands of the Missouri Department of Revenue beginning Aug. 29. Missouri sheriffs’ departments now are responsible for issuing the permits.

Previously, the applications were processed by sheriffs’ departments but the actual issuing of the permits was handled by the department of revenue.