The trial began Tuesday afternoon of controversial Internet blogger Jeffrey R. Weinhaus, 47, who is facing multiple charges after a confrontation with police last year.

Weinhaus  is charged with interfering with a judicial official, felony possession of a controlled substance as well as resisting arrest and assault of law enforcement officers who were attempting to serve an arrest warrant on the man Sept. 11, 2012.

Weinhaus was critically injured in the confrontation at an MFA station on Highway K near St. Clair when he was shot by police after allegedly reaching for a handgun.

Retired Warren County Judge Keith Sutherland is presiding at the trial, which is scheduled for three days.

An all-white jury of nine females and three males heard opening arguments from both Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney Robert Parks  and  Hugh Eastwood, Weinhaus' attorney.

 Parks opened the state's side by calling Missouri State trooper Henry Folsom, the officer who shot Weinhaus, to the stand.

During Folsom's testimony Parks played two versions of a controversial video  titled “The Party’s Over,” which aired in August 2012 on the video site YouTube. The versions were identical except for one of them contained notes superimposed over the recording throughout the video.

In the video, Weinhaus gives unnamed lawyers, judges and police officers until Sept. 17, 2012, to “stand down” and “just quit.”

Parks also played video from a watch camera that Weinhaus was wearing during the confrontation.

Folsom testified during the trial that he fired his gun after Weinhaus allegedly reached for a pistol that was in a holster at his side.

The video, which was on his wrist so it didn't give a clear visual perspective of the scene, contained audio of Folsom telling Weinhaus to get on the ground. 

Weinhaus can be heard on the video saying what sounded like, "you're going to have to shoot me," after which shots can be heard on the video before Weinhaus fell to the ground.

Due to time constraints, Folsom's testimony was briefly interrupted to hear testimony from Matthew Fox, a lab technician with the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Fox tested two pills and some marijuana that were found and seized by police at Weinhaus' residence in Piney Park near St. Clair after serving Weinhaus with a search warrant.

Fox testified that the pills tested positive for containing morphine, a scheduled II controlled substance. 

On cross-examination by the defense, Fox admitted that the lab didn't test the specimens or the containers in which they were found for DNA or fingerprints.

The trial will resume Wednesday morning at 8:30 with more testimony from Folsom.

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