Franklin County Highway Administrator Joe Feldmann

The Franklin County Highway Department is working on numerous road and bridge projects.

The Missourian recently met with County Highway Administrator Joe Feldmann about summer road work for the county.

One of the bigger projects is an asphalt overlay on 5.7 miles of Four-Mile Road from Highway A to Highway KK southwest of Washington for about $522,000. The contractor on that project is N.B. West Contracting of Sullivan.

Kiel-Lyon Road near Campbellton will get 2.2 miles of asphalt overlay and a few miles of chip and seal, which is an oil and chipped rock application. The total cost is about $150,000, and it is being handled in-house by the county.

Bergman Road south of Robertsville will also get one mile of asphalt overlay for $100,000. It is also being handled in-house.

The county also completed work on Peters Ford Road about a month ago. Feldmann said the road was to get about half a mile of asphalt overlay and some chip and seal for $50,000.

There will be various other asphalt overlays and chip and seal work done throughout the county.

The Ridge Road bridge near Sullivan has a hole in the concrete deck, and it has been closed. The county is looking at whether it can fix it in-house or contract it out. It was built in 1955 and was used by about 200 vehicles per day.

The weight limit may be set at 7 tons when it reopens. It was 14 tons previously. The lower weight limit would not support horse trailers that have used the bridge previously, Feldmann said.

It may cost about $200,000 to fix the bridge if the county contracts out the work. It may be less than half of that if the county did the work in-house.

Brush Creek Road outside of St. Clair will receive some realignment work to soften a 90-degree turn.

In addition, the county will work on right of way acquisition for the Bend Road bridge replacement project near Pacific.

The county has about $200,000 for right of way, and Feldmann said he thinks that will be enough to obtain the needed property. Of that, $160,000 is federal money, and the other $40,000 is county funds.

The county has a right of way acquisition agent who will contact homeowners. Preliminary contact with the landowners indicates that they are in favor of the project, Feldmann said, adding that he hopes eminent domain will not be required. Estimates for right of way are based on fair market value, he said.

Moreover, endangered mussels found at the project site must also be addressed. The county’s consultant, SCI of Union, is working with fish and wildlife officials to determine what will be done. Options could include relocating the mussels, building the bridge around them or constructing the bridge in a manner that has the least impact on them.

The county has received preliminary approval of about $3.46 million federal funds for the bridge replacement project, which may start next spring.

The county will also start planning for the replacement of the Possum Hollow bridge, which would cost about $400,000. That would be split with 80 percent federal funds and 20 percent county dollars. It is scheduled to go under construction next year, Feldmann said.