The number of single-family home permits issued through April is the same as last year, according to the Franklin County Building Department.

Through April of this year and April of 2012, the county issued 32 permits.

While the number of permits is the same, it appears that home construction could be on the rise in Franklin County, said Building Department Office Manager Susan Scott.

She predicts that more single-family home permits will be issued this year compared to last year unless the economy takes a bad turn in the summer or fall.

The building department has been receiving more permit inquiries this year, Scott added.

The latest report from the Franklin County Building Department states that there were 12 single-family permits for April compared to 10 in April of 2012.

Scott said this April marked the highest number of single-family home permits issued in April since 2009.

“We were excited about this month,” Scott said.

The estimated value of the 12 homes for this April is $2.4 million.

There were 87 permits for single-family homes in 2012 and 101 in 2011.

This March was a slow month for single-family home permits, and Scott said the poor weather likely was a contributing factor.

In March, there were only three permits for single-family homes compared to 11 in March of last year when there was an early spring, she said.

However, single-family home permits in January and February of this year were up over last year. There were eight permits this January compared to six last year and nine this February compared to five in February of last year.

The building department also received a large permit for an “amusement, social and recreational” facility in April. It was for a Purina Mills conference center addition valued at $3.1 million.

Also, in April the building department issued a permit for a machine shop valued at $300,000 off of Highway 185 north of Beaufort.