Efforts are under way to trap a lone wolf in the Robertsville area that escaped captivity nearly two weeks ago.

Franklin County Sheriff Gary Toelke said an experienced trapper from the Sullivan area already has set some traps, as well as the owner of the timber wolf.

There were two wolves that escaped from a caged area at a residence in the 800 block of Moonlight Trail off Highway N, south of Robertsville. One wolf was shot June 9 by a farmer who found it in an enclosure with his sheep.

The remaining wolf killed a dog Saturday, June 14, near a home on Jenny Lane in the Roberstville area.

Deputies have sighted the wolf once since then, Toelke said.

He noted that the animal has been staying within about a one-mile radius of the Robertsville home where it escaped from a cage.

Toelke explained that shooting the wolf with tranquilizers is not an option because it would likely require two doses of tranquilizer because of the size of the animal. The owner said the wolves weighed between 100 and 150 pounds.

After the initial hit, the wolf would probably be able to flee the area, preventing a second dose, Toelke said.

The sheriff’s office first received a report Monday, June 9, from the Missouri Conservation Department that two timber wolves escaped from the Robertsville home.