Ameren Missouri customers are receiving in the mail a personalized report highlighting their 2012 energy usage and costs.

With these reports, customers can review their energy usage and determine how they can save energy with the new energy efficiency programs Ameren Missouri has made available this year.

“Our Energy Reports show customers how much energy they have used this year compared to last year. They can also go online anytime to review their last three years of information,” said Michael Moehn, senior vice president, Ameren Missouri customer operations.

Customers can locate their reports by going to and clicking on the link to view their energy usage.

The energy reports are distributed to Ameren Missouri’s residential and small to mid-sized business customers.

“Once customers see their energy usage history, they can go to and find rebates and incentives that will help them save energy usage in the future.”

This year, Ameren Missouri launched the largest portfolio of energy efficiency programs in the state’s history, with $150 million in energy efficiency programs over the next three years.

Investments are expected to result in approximately $500 million in total customer benefits over the next 20 years.

Annual energy savings are expected to be nearly 800 million kilowatt-hours (kWh), which is equal to the energy consumption of more than 60,000 average Missouri homes annually.

Details on these programs are available at

“It’s one more way we give our customers the information they need to make informed decisions about ways they can save energy and manage their budgets today,” Moehn said.