The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office said a 24-year-old Washington man is under investigation in connection with a vehicle crash early Sunday on Highway A at Pottery Road. 

Deputies responded to that location after the crash was reported and found a red pickup truck off of Highway A. The truck had heavy front end damage and the windshield was shattered on the driver’s side. 

Washington firefighters told deputies that no one was with the vehicle when they arrived but a witness was able to describe the driver who fled from the scene. 

Deputies went to the man’s residence in Washington  but he was not there. They then contacted Mercy Hospital Washington and learned he was in the emergency room. 

When they questioned the man later he denied driving the vehicle and said he was a passenger. He told deputies that after leaving the accident scene he drank alcohol at another location. 

The man stated that he has two prior DWI convictions and is on probation.

Deputies reported they found blood and alcohol inside the truck’s cab. 

The man, who was not identified, may face charges of leaving the scene of an accident and driving while intoxicated, the sheriff’s office said.