Highway Administrator Joe Feldmann

Bend Road bridge in eastern Franklin County near Pacific should be reopened Friday, County Highway Administrator Joe Feldmann said Tuesday.

Repairs will start Thursday, and it should be reopened the next day, Feldmann said.

Once the repairs are made, the Missouri Department of Transportation will inspect it, Presiding County Commissioner John Griesheimer said.

The county commission closed the bridge in November, saying there were safety and liability concerns with the structure, which is almost 100 years old.

Residents who used the bridge complained that the closure created an inconvenience by causing them to take an alternate route. There were also complaints about extra fuel cost caused by the detour.

There has been a slight delay in fixing the bridge because there was an issue with the fabrication of the replacement part, Feldmann said.

Officials have said they will set a 12-ton load rating on the bridge, which could accommodate passenger cars and trucks, ambulances and possibly some smaller school buses.

The county commission awarded the contract to repair the bridge at the beginning of February to R.V. Wagner Inc. of St. Louis for $17,317. In addition to the construction costs, there was $3,000 in engineering fees to be paid to Horner & Shifrin of St. Louis.

The county commission approved an agreement to split the cost of the repairs with the city of Pacific.