Incumbent Ann Hartley and newcomer Dr. Joseph Stroetker were elected to the ECC board of trustees in the April 8 election.

An incumbent and newcomer were sworn into office at the April 15 meeting of the East Central College Board of Trustees.

Incumbent Ann Hartley of Union, representing Sub-district 2, defeated challenger David Hood in the April 8 election in her bid for her first full term on the board. Hartley garnered 4,259 votes and Hood received 1,551.

In 2012 Hartley was elected to the Subdistrict 2 seat formerly held by Catherine Scott of St. Clair who moved out of the district. Hartley served the remaining two years of Scott’s unexpired term.

Hartley and Prudence Fink Johnson represent Subdistrict 2 which includes the school districts of Lonedell R-14, St. Clair R-13, and Union R-11, excluding the Lyon and Boone Townships portion of Union R-II and that portion located in the Beaufort-Union precinct.

In Subdistrict 1 two candidates from Sullivan faced off for the seat vacated by retiring board member Charlie Betz. Joseph Stroetker defeated Gene Overhoff. Stroetker received 2,846 votes to 2,480 for Overhoff. Subdistrict 1, which includes the school districts of Bourbon R-I, Sullivan C-2, Strain-Japan R-16, Spring Bluff R-15, Franklin County R-2, New Haven, and the portions of Lyon and Boone Townships as well as the Beaufort-Union precinct in the Union R-11 School District. The portions of the Boeuf and Lyon townships in the Washington School District are also included in Subdistrict 1.

Stroetker joins Don Kappelmann of New Haven in representing Subdistrict 1.

Jim Perry and Tom Dill represent Subdistrict 3 which includes all of the Washington School District, excluding that portion located in Boeuf and Lyon Townships.

The board of trustees is the sole statutory legislative governing body responsible for the control and operation of East Central College. Neither state statutes nor district policy limits the number of terms a member may serve.

The ECC board consists of six trustees, two each from three subdistricts of the college district. Trustees are elected at large, but must be a resident of the subdistrict he or she represents.

After the new board members were sworn in, trustees re-elected Perry to his fifth term as board president. Hartley will serve as vice president. Dill was re-elected secretary, and Fink Johnson will be board treasurer. She previously was the board vice president. Kappelmann and Stroetker will serve as directors. Bonnie Gardner, executive assistant to the president, was re-appointed recording secretary.

Board officers are elected to two-year terms.

The results of the election as certified by the county clerks are as follows, with votes by county:

Subdistrict 1

Joseph Stroetker — Crawford, 135; Franklin, 2,488; Gasconade, one; St. Charles, 72; Warren, 133; and Washington, 17; total, 2,846.

Gene Overhoff — Crawford, 130; Franklin, 2,128; Gasconade, two; St. Charles, 61, Warren, 150 and Washington, nine; total, 2,480.

Subdistrict 2

Ann Hartley — Crawford, 195; Franklin, 3,756; Gasconade, 0; St. Charles, 95; Warren, 194; and Washington, 19; total, 4,259.

David Hood — Crawford, 61; Franklin, 1,351; Gasconade, one; St. Charles, 37; Warren, 94; and Washington, seven; total, 1,551.