Tim Baker

Tim Baker, who is running for the position of Franklin County presiding commissioner, has resigned his seat on the planning commission.

Baker, Robertsville, said he does not think it would be ethically right for him to keep serving on the county planning and zoning commission when he may be elected presiding commissioner.

He noted that he could vote on issues, such as land-use matters, now as a planning commissioner and then vote on the same issues later as presiding county commissioner if elected. He does not think it would be right to vote on the same issues twice, he said.

Baker said he does not think he was legally required to resign from the planning commission but that he is just doing it because he personally thinks it is the best thing to do on an ethical level.

He has served as a planning commissioner for about two years and is running as an independent candidate for the presiding commissioner seat.

Baker will not appear on the Aug. 5 primary election ballot since he is running as an independent. He will be on the Nov. 4 ballot.

Other candidates for presiding commissioner are incumbent Republican John Griesheimer of Washington and Republican Gary Getman of St. Clair.

The county commission Tuesday appointed William C. McLaren Jr. to replace Baker on the planning and zoning commission. His term will run until Feb. 1, 2017.