Franklin County Commission

A Villa Ridge resident has accused Presiding County Commissioner John Griesheimer of improper political campaigning.

“He’s politicking from the bench,” said Eric Reichert, a regular critic of the county commission.

Griesheimer disagreed with Reichert’s accusations.

“Who the hell is Eric Reichert to say that?” Griesheimer told The Missourian. “It’s a stupid position for him to take.”

Reichert was upset about statements Griesheimer made at the end of the Tuesday county commission meeting.

If an official has announced intent to seek re-election, then the candidate should not be able to “politick and make political statements” during meetings, Reichert asserted.

That is wrong, Reichert said, “Because the citizens can’t do it.”

Reichert said he will not support Griesheimer for re-election in 2014.

During the period of the meeting in which county commissioners can make statements, Griesheimer made comments about the recent Missourian news story that announced his re-election plans.

Griesheimer said The Missourian’s story did not mention his remarks that he has enjoyed working with the two other county commissioners — Mike Schatz and Tim Brinker.

During the meeting, Griesheimer said he and the other two county commissioners have not had one “terse” word between them. He also called the commissioners “independent thinkers” who are able to work out disagreements.

Griesheimer also said during his public comments that there are negative stories printed in the newspaper, but he wants the county employees to know that he and the other commissioners work together.

“I’m very, very proud of that,” Griesheimer said. “We (commissioners) may not agree on everything, but we work it out. It sure makes life a lot easier when the three of us can put our differences aside and do what’s right for the county.”

The taxpayers put the commissioners in office to get work done in a cooperative manner, and that is happening, Griesheimer said.

Griesheimer also told Brinker and Schatz that he appreciated their work ethic and friendship.

Brinker responded during the meeting, saying, “It’s refreshing to hear that you’ll be making another go of it as presiding commissioner.”

Reichert and two other regular critics of the commission have wasted taxpayer money by filing frivolous lawsuits against the county, Griesheimer told The Missourian.

“They make the job very tough,” Griesheimer said, adding that he takes his work seriously and loves what he does.