Franklin County Commission

The Franklin County Commission this week reappointed several officials for another year.

However, their pay is subject to change due to pay raises that are expected to be approved next Tuesday when the 2014 budget comes up for a vote.

The commission has discussed giving employees a 1.5 percent cost-of-living raise and a 1.5 percent merit raise.

The plan is that all the employees would get the cost-of-living increase while only certain employees may get the merit raise. The merit raises could be based on seniority and help address possible problems of longer-serving employees making the same as new hires.

Below is a list of the officials who were reappointed and what they are making currently without the pay raises applied:

Reappointed were:

Mark Vincent, county counselor, $115,000; Larry Sikes, information technology director, $59,699; Angie Hittson, health department director, $55,413; Bill Placht, building department director, $52,984; and Abe Cook, emergency management director, $41,411.

The reappointments begin Jan. 1 and run to Dec. 31, 2014.

Joe Feldmann was also appointed highway administrator to replace Eva Gadcke, who retired this week.

As county engineer Feldmann made $70,143. It is unclear what his salary will be as highway administrator after raises are applied.