Hourly employees of the Franklin County Assessor’s Office are expected to get pay raises ranging from 43 cents to $1.73 more per hour in the upcoming fiscal year budget.

Salaried employees in the assessor’s office would get raises ranging from $57.92 to $70.53 every two weeks.

Last week, The Missourian was unable to obtain the raise amounts that were proposed for employees of the assessor’s office, but the newspaper ended up getting the figures.

Presiding County Commissioner John Griesheimer has said he is worried about ill feelings that might surface since only a select number of county employees are getting raises while their peers will be left making the same amount.

Employees in the Recorder of Deeds Office are also proposed to get pay raises of about $200 more per month.

A couple of building department employees are also expected to be promoted since a position is being left vacant.

The assessor and recorder of deeds can afford to give pay raises by leaving positions vacant and spreading that savings to their employees in the form of pay hikes, according to Griesheimer.

The plan is still subject to the 2013 budget being approved by the county commission in January.

Griesheimer said he wishes all county employees could get raises, but revenues are not strong enough to support higher pay at this time.

Assessor Tom Copeland and Recorder of Deeds Sharon Birkman won’t get raises.