This year, the Franklin County Transportation Committee has more money available through its grant program.

Usually, the committee has about $250,000 available to help local communities finance road and bridge projects.

But this year there is $378,000 because Sullivan returned $128,000 that it did not use because it was unable to obtain right of way for a Highway 185 realignment project.

Each year, the county sets aside 5 percent of its capital improvement sales tax for the community grant program.

Local communities and road districts can apply for the grant funds for up to 50 percent of a project’s cost, said Franklin County Highway Administrator Eva Gadcke.

The committee ranks the applications based on various criteria such as whether a project contributes to safety, economic development or relieves congestion problems.

The committee only makes a recommendation of how the grant funds should be used, and the county commission has the final say, Gadcke said.

The applications are due to the committee by July 1.

The only application that had been received as of Monday was from the Union Special Road District, which is seeking $1,824 to install signs with more reflectivity. Gadcke said this project is a federal requirement.

There are typically more requests than funds are available, she said.