While Franklin County avoided much of the damage Monday night, it still received the rain from a storm system which also brought lightning, hail and wind gusts.

The storm was part of the same system which dropped deadly tornadoes in Oklahoma and scattered damage from Texas to Michigan.

The precipitation reading at The Missourian office in Downtown Washington Tuesday morning was 3.55 inches.

That is the highest single-day reading since Sept. 20, 2010, when 4.5 inches of precipitation was measured.

The monthly total, which includes 0.88 of an inch measured Monday, is 7.61 inches of precipitation. The yearly total through Tuesday is 27.97 inches.

To put that into perspective, Downtown Washington didn’t reach that mark last year until Oct. 15. In 2011, it was June 18 before precipitation reached that level.

In 2010, Washington precipitation didn’t reach 27.97 inches until July 19. In 2009, the date was July 4.

One has to go back to 2008 to find a wetter start to the year. In that year, Downtown Washington surpassed the 27.97-inch mark April 25.

At the current pace, Downtown Washington should receive 72.40 inches of precipitation this year. That would not be a record, but would rank third among wettest years behind 2008 (76.81 inches) and 2009 (73.13 inches).

So far, 2013 has the following monthly precipitation totals:

• January — 4.09 inches (average 2.43);

• February — 2.93 inches (average 2.46);

• March — 4.97 inches (average 3.55);

• April — 8.37 inches (average 4.02); and

• May — 7.61 inches through May 21 (average for month 4.93).

More damage was reported from storms Monday morning throughout the county. Reports on that damage can be found throughout this paper.