Pay levels for county elected officials were set by the Franklin County Salary Commission last Wednesday.

“We did not give ourselves a raise at all,” said County Clerk Debbie Door, who serves as the secretary to the salary commission.

Elected officials will receive 100 percent of the salary schedule set by state statute, under the motion approved by the commission.

That means county elected officials will remain at the same salary they have been at for the past five years, Door said.

Her salary is $66,221, which is the same as the presiding county commissioner, public administrator, assessor, recorder of deeds, treasurer, collector and auditor.

The two associate county commissioners make $2,000 less than the presiding county commissioner under state law.

And the sheriff and prosecuting attorney make a different salary than the other elected officials. The sheriff makes $72,466 annually, and the prosecuting attorney makes $116,858 annually.

While there were no raises given, the salary commissioners approved giving themselves cost-of-living pay increases if they are given to other county employees.

However, if the county employees get a cost-of-living increase midyear, the elected officials would not get it until Jan. 1.

If the county employees get a merit raise, then the elected officials do not get one, Door said.

Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney Bob Parks said the salaries for elected officials have to be set before each general election.

This way people running for the offices will know how much they will make if elected, Parks said.

So the pay levels set by the salary commission last week will be what officials who take office in January of 2015 will make, Parks explained.

The salary commission is made up of all of the county elected officials.

All members were present at the salary commission meeting except for Recorder of Deeds Sharon Birkman.

The salary commission meets every odd-numbered year under state statute.

The base salary amounts for elected officials are set in state statute and are based on assessed valuation except for the prosecuting attorney. The prosecuting attorney makes the same salary as an associate circuit court judge.