A Delaware man was arrested Saturday, Oct. 5, after visiting numerous pharmacies attempting to fill narcotic pain medications.

According to the Franklin County Narcotic Enforcement Unit, the 43-year-old man saw 20 different dentists, and went to emergency rooms and urgent care centers at least 20 additional times, to obtain prescription opioid pain medicine.

The suspect visited dentists and emergency rooms in Franklin and Crawford counties.

Authorities said the man tried to fill a prescription at the Washington Walgreens pharmacy on Friday, Oct. 4, at 2 a.m., and the narcotics office alerted other pharmacies in the area.

On Saturday, Oct. 5, the man went to a St. Clair pharmacy and attempted to fill a prescription. An employee sent the man to Sink’s Pharmacy and then contacted police.

The suspect was arrested at Sink’s Pharmacy.

The man admitted to narcotics officers that he has an opioid addiction and that he fraudulently obtained prescriptions. The man was arrested in Delaware in 2009 on similar charges, but he was not prosecuted.

The suspect told authorities he was staying in the area because his son had recently died in St. Clair. However he gave authorities conflicting dates of his son’s death.

The man also was being sought by a task force in Southwest Missouri. Police said he has recently lived in southern Missouri and in Arkansas.

Authorities are seeking nine felony charges and two misdemeanor charges against the man.

He was released from the Franklin County Jail pending the investigation. His name has not been released pending formal charges.