An asbestos review on a county-owned building that will be torn down found some of the substance in the structure.

The building, which is just south of the Franklin County Government Center in Union, will be torn down to create more county employee parking.

The goal is to keep county employees from parking on the street in downtown Union, where there is said to be a parking shortage.

Keeping the county employees from parking on the street will open up more parking for the public and patrons of downtown businesses, First District County Commissioner Tim Brinker noted.

He did not know how many employees are parking on the street in downtown Union, but he said there are “quite a few.”

Brinker said this week that asbestos has been found in some of the caulking around a door.

Cochran Engineering of Union, which did the asbestos and lead survey on the building, recommended that the contractor chosen for the demolition include in its work proper disposal of the asbestos.

The county commission may vote next week to seek bids on the demolition of the building, which resembles a Quonset hut.

Lung cancer has been associated with asbestos exposure, according to the EPA.

Brinker said tearing down the building also honors an agreement that was made between the city of Union and a prior commission. The current county commission has to fulfill the agreement since it was not done before, he said. The agreement involved the city of Union vacating a street so the county could extend the parking lot, he said.

It is important for the county to keep its word in the agreement, Brinker said. That has been a problem for the county in the past, but the current commission is going to honor its agreements, he said.

“Our word is our bond,” Brinker said

Other than asbestos, the building survey also looked for lead, of which none was found, Brinker said.

It may cost the county at least $20,000 to get rid of the building, Brinker said, adding, “It all depends on time, labor, hauling fees, landfill fees . . .”