Health Department Construction

The county commissioners Tuesday voted to seek bids for wiring services that were not included in the original cost of a health department remodel project.

The county commission will now seek bids for the computer and phone wiring for the project, which involves remodeling the former county prosecutor’s office for the health department.

That aspect of the remodel was not included in the initial bid package for the project. It is unclear how much additional cost this work will add to the project.

The county budgeted $500,000 for the project this year, according to County Auditor Tammy Vemmer.

Between construction bids, design services and other costs, the county had committed $566,364 on the project this year. But on Tuesday the county commission also approved a change to the project that should save about $5,000.

The project contractor, Jasper Development of Union, suggested that the “roof be mechanically fastened instead of fully adhered.”

However, some of the savings from that is expected to be offset next week when another change will be before the commissioners for approval, officials say.

The change next week could cost the county around $3,800, and it will involve power washing and painting the ceiling, Second District Commissioner Mike Schatz said.

The health department should be in the new facility by mid-December at the latest, Schatz added.

The remodel project is being done to give the health department more space. It will also move the health department out of a rented building and into a county-owned facility. This will save the county the monthly rent cost of $1,600.

First District Commissioner Tim Brinker said the project is “going very smoothly right now and you can see noticeable changes in the interior and exterior of the structure.”