Voters in more than a dozen municipalities will have the opportunity to choose their leaders for boards and councils when the polls open on April 3.

In many cases the candidates are running unopposed, but in one contest there is a three-way race for an open mayor’s seat.


In the city of Pacific, three candidates are vying to replace current Mayor Jeff Palmore, who is not running for another term.

Steve Myers, Jerry Eversmeyer and Stephen Flannery III have all thrown their hats in the ring for the top office.

Also in Pacific, Debbie Kelley, Sheila Grippo, Kandi Wolf and Sharon Boedges are running in a four-way race for collector.

There are several other elected offices in municipalities throughout the county. In many cases the office seekers are running unopposed, but there are a few actual races where voters will be given a choice on who they want to be their representative.

Other races include:

Marshal, Matt Mansell; Municipal Judge, Dan E. Leslie; Alderman Ward 1, Nicholas Chlebowski, Ed Gass; Alderman Ward 2, Herbert C. Adams, Dave Myers; Alderman Ward 3, Ben King, Drew Stotler.    


Mayor, Harold J. Englert; Alderman Ward 1, Eric Bruckerhoff; Alderman Ward 2: Dennis Reed, Jim W. Brown.


Trustee, Sandra M. Rowden, Orlando D. Mallari.


Trustee, Donald Hess (2-year term), Zachary Sparks (1-year unexpired term).


Trustee, Zane T. Ward, Evelyn Wiedeman, Tina Lawrence.

New Haven

Alderman Ward 1, Tim Otten, Keith Strobel; Alderman Ward 2, Scott Steelman, Stephen Miller.

Oak Grove Village

Trustee, Pam Campbell, Judy McFarland.


Trustee, Jerrell Vaughan, Thomas Ramsey Jr.

St. Clair

City Marshal/Chief of Police, Bill Hammack; Alderman Ward 1, Janet R. Viehland; Alderman Ward 2, Amanda Sikes.


City Collector, Judy McPherson; Alderman Ward 1, Mark A. Dalton; Alderman Ward 2, Jason Alexander; Alderman Ward 3, Paul McCulloch.


City Collector, Eric Schmuke; Alderman Ward 1, Robert Schmuke; Alderman Ward 2, William D. Isgriggs; Alderman Ward 3, Paul Arand; Alderman Ward 4, David A. Pope.


Mayor, Sandy Lucy, Nathan R. Krausch; City Attorney, Mark C. Piontek; Councilman Ward 1, Steve Sullentrup; Councilman Ward 2, Mark Hidritch; Councilman Ward 3, Greg Skornia; Councilman Ward 4, Josh Brinker, Gretchen Aubuchon Pettet.