Pay Raise May Help Retain Deputies

A taxpayer-funded agency in 2014 will allocate $2.54 million to organizations that help children with various needs, such as substance abuse, pregnancy and mental health problems.

The Franklin County Community Resource Board, which collects a quarter-cent sales tax, announced last week that 15 agencies will receive the funds to provide 33 programs for Franklin County youth ages 19 or less.

The 2014 funding is about the same as it was for 2013. There were no major cuts to organizations that receive the resource board money, said Annie Schulte, executive director.

Sales tax is the sole source of funding for the resource board, Schulte added.

Below is a list of the organizations that will receive funds:

Preferred Family Healthcare: $398,090. For administering the Team of Concern program, which works with children in middle and high schools who are at high risk of becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Crider Health Center: $282,336. The money will be used to administer the Pinocchio program, which works with children in kindergarten to third grade with emerging social, behavioral and emotional issues that are affecting them in school. It will be offered in the school districts of Union, Meramec Valley, St. Clair, Sullivan, New Haven, Franklin County and Washington.

Crider Health Center: $253,980. This is for school-based therapy in the school districts of Meramec Valley, St. Clair, Sullivan, Washington and Union.

Crider Health Center: $227,529. This program involves Crider providing a school-based mental health specialist to most of the school districts in Franklin County.

Catholic Family Services: $172,592. Will provide school-based mental health services in Catholic grade schools and Borgia Regional High School in Franklin County.

Crider Health Center: $152,832. In partnership with F.A.C.T. to serve youth with serious emotional disorders.

Grace’s Place: $148,600. Provide a safe haven for children and youth 12 years of age of less.

Preferred Family Healthcare: $125,352. Provides Achieving Recovery Through Creativity to high-risk youth. The program uses the arts to help youth work through emotional roadblocks.

Court Appointed Special Advocates: $86,500. CASA will implement the Life Skills Partnership Project for youth who are in foster care. The advocates work with children to bring stability to their lives.

National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse: $85,068. Will provide programs to prevent youth from becoming involved with drugs and alcohol.

Catholic Family Services: $83,311. Provides individual and group counseling services to Franklin County youth. It will also help struggling parents learn skills to provide a good home life.

Lutheran Children and Families Services: $72,000. Provides counseling/therapy, and other services to youth in need of emotion-focused treatment and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Alternatives to Living in Violent Environments: $67,200. Provides counseling for youth identified as victims of domestic violence.

Catholic Family Services in partnership with Franklin County juvenile justice system: $61,068. Will give an option to judges in which juveniles could be placed in 30-day respite/residential care instead of in the custody of the juvenile department or Division of Youth Services.

Children’s Advocacy Center: $57,500. Provides sexual abuse prevention programs in Franklin County.

Crider Health Center: $44,475. Provides anti-violence/anti-bullying prevention services to Franklin County school districts.

Foundations for Franklin County: $41,586. Provides services for high-risk youth.

Catholic Family Services: $30,975. Youth psychiatric services.

Lutheran and Family and Children’s Services: $25,375. Case management for vulnerable parents and their children.

Lutheran Family and Children Services: $23,375. Services for pregnant and parenting teens.

Buddies Not Bullies: $22,287. School-based mental health services for Lutheran schools in Franklin County.

Preferred Family Healthcare: $20,444. Drug testing to families involved in Children’s Division to ensure children are placed in a safe and drug-free environment.

Children’s Advocacy Center: $18,240. Works with children who have alleged sexual and/or physical abuse and the non-offending caregivers through the legal process.

Communities Healing Adolescent Depression and Suicide (CHADS): $10,900. This program is offered to Franklin County schools to recognize the warning signs of suicide.

Character Plus: $10,811. Bullying prevention programs.

National Alliance on Mental Illness: $8,474. Works with families who have a child diagnosed with a serious emotional disorder.

Washington’s Parents as Teachers: $6,250. Works with parenting teens in the Washington School District.

Buddies Not Bullies: $5,089. Bullying and teasing prevention and Internet safety.

CHADS: $4,300. Mental health support for families who have a child struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts.

Buddies Not Bullies: $3,600. Provides Youniquely Social program that equips older youth, who may be at-risk, to teach younger youth life skills.

Alternatives to Living in Violent Environments: Provides domestic/intimate partner violence prevention to area high schools. (Amount included in ALIVE’s counseling contract funding.)

Preferred Family Healthcare: Provides students with education on the dangers of drugs, tobacco and alcohol. (Amount included in Team of Concern contract funding.)