The Washington Special Road District is working on making a dangerous curve on Pottery Road safe.

Ed Fischer, Washington Special Road District commissioner, said the plan is to widen the road in the area so the turn will not be as sharp.

The turn is located on the southern end of Pottery Road, approaching Highway A.

Motorists, especially tractor-trailers, have trouble negotiating the curve, Fischer said.

Fischer said the road district hopes to have the pro-ject done by the time school buses start traveling the road in August. Work may start in July.

The road district is currently waiting on the Krakow Water District to move water lines to clear the way for the project.

Fischer said there is no cost estimate on the project to soften the curve. He added that the road will be widened about 2 feet on each side in the area of the curve.

The road district plans to seek grant funding from the county to help pay for the project, and the road district will pay for some of the project out of its own budget.

The Washington Special Road District also is looking at a project to apply NovaChip seal to all of Pottery Road. But whether it is done depends on money, and Fischer said the district plans to get bids for the project.

“We have to work within our budget,” Fischer said.

He said NovaChip is a thin layer of asphalt that can correct cracking in the road and smooth the surface.